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CLI Usage

The CLI tool is used primarily to compile Paperclip files into your target framework.


yarn add @paperclip-ui/cli --dev


paperclip init

Configures Paperclip with your current project & installs compilers.

paperclip build

Generates code based on your paperclip config.


  • write - Option to write compiled UI files to disk. Output is otherwise printed in the console log. Currently, files are written to the same directory as the *.pc files, so be sure to add *.pc.* to your .gitignore.
  • watch - Starts the file watcher & rebuilds UIs whenever they change.
  • definition - Generate a typed definition file (Specific to TypeScript)

# Build all Paperclip files and print to stdout
yarn paperclip build --print

# Build Paperclip files & writes them
yarn paperclip build

# Starts watcher & writes them whenever they change
yarn paperclip build --watch

paperclip dev

Start the visual tooling.

paperclip coverage

Generage a coverage report about HTML & CSS that is covered for visual regressions.

alt coverage report


  • --html - generate HTML report
  • --open - open the HTML report after generating
  • --output - directory where to generate coverage report. Default is .paperclip/cov

# Generate coverage report and open
paperclip coverage --html --open

# Generate coverage report and output to ./civ
paperclip coverage --html --output=cov

paperclip snapshot

Generates a base snapshot of the current branch for visual regression testing. Snapshots are saved to .paperclip/


  • --force - force snapshot if there are unstaged changes.

paperclip diff [branch]

Generates a report of visual changes against a different version of your application.

alt diff screenshot


  • --open - open HTML report when emitted.
  • --html - emit HTML report
  • --watch - run differ in watch mode, re-run when files change.

# diff against master, generate HTML report, and re-run when the current branch changes
paperclip diff master --html --watch --open

# diff changes against snapshot of this brnach
paperclip diff --html --watch --open