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The paperclip.config.json contains information about linting rules, compiler options, and such. Here are all of the options you can use:

type PaperclipConfig = {

// source directory where *.pc files live
srcDir?: string;

// directories where modules are stored
moduleDirs?: string[];

// options for the output settings
compilerOptions?: CompilerOptions | CompilerOptions[];

lintOptions?: LintOptions;

type CompilerOptions = {

// target compiler to use. Default is all of the ones installed.
target?: string;

// Files for the target compiler to emit. E.g: [d.ts, js, css]
emit?: string[];

// where PC files should be compiled to. If undefined, then
// srcDir is used.
outDir?: string;

// treat assets as modules. This is particularly useful for bundlers.
importAssetsAsModules?: boolean;

// Combine all CSS into this one file. If unspecified, then CSS files are generated
// for each PC file
mainCSSFileName?: string;

// embed assets until this size. If -1, then there is no limit
embedAssetMaxSize?: number;

// output directory for non-PC files. If not specified, then srcDir
// will be used
assetOutDir?: string;

// prefix for assets,
assetPrefix?: string;

useAssetHashNames?: boolean;

type LintOptions = {

// flag CSS code that is not currently used
noUnusedStyles?: boolean;

// enforce CSS vars for these properties
enforceVars?: string[];

Basic example

At the bare minimum, it's recommended that you specify a srcDir like so:

"srcDir": "./src"

By default, files will be emitted to the same directory as your *.pc files. If you want, you can emit files to another directory like so:

"compilerOptions": {
"outDir": "./lib"
"srcDir": "./src"

Expanded example

Here's a bit more of an expanded example:

"srcDir": "./src",
"moduleDirs": ["node_modules"],
"compilerOptions": {
"target": "react",

// Only emit these files
"emit": ["js", "d.ts", "css"],

// compile files to this directory
"outDir": "./lib",

// Emit all assets (png, svg, css) to this directory
"assetOutDir": "./lib/assets"

// combine all CSS into this file
"mainCSSFileName": "main.css",

// embed all assets
"embedAssetMaxSize": -1,
"assetPrefix": "",
"useAssetHashNames": true,

"lintOptions": {
"noUnusedStyles": true,
"enforceVars": [

Compiling to multiple directories

You may also specify multiple compiler targets within a Paperclip config file. For example:

"compilerOptions": [
{ "target": "react", "outDir": "./lib/react" },
{ "target": "html", "outDir": "./lib/html" }
"srcDir": "./src"

If you're using TypeScript, you can leverage this behavior to generate typed definition files in your source directory. For example:

"compilerOptions": [

// Emit compiled JS to the lib directory
{ "target": "react", "outDir": "./lib" },

// // Emit d.ts in the source directory
{ "target": "react", "emit": ["d.ts"] }
"srcDir": "./src"