Paperclip Configuration

Paperclip looks for a paperclip.config.json file which provides information about your project, and how to compile your *.pc files. It typically lives in your project root directory alongside your package.json file.

Here's an example of what it might look like:

// options for the target compiler "name"
"compilerOptions": {
// compiler that translate `*.pc` files into the target framework.
"name": "paperclip-compiler-react",
// (optional) compile as es6 or commonjs module. ES6 is default.
"module": "es6" | "commonjs",
// (optional) directory where JS & CSS files are compiled to
"outputDirectory": "./lib",
// directory where all of the Paperclip files live
"sourceDirectory": "./src",
// paths to module directories
"moduleDirectories": ["node_modules"]